First KY Surface Design Association Meet & Greet

Hello all,

Thank you for visiting the blog of the Kentucky chapter of the Surface Design Association! We intend to use this as a means to publicize the work of the KY SDA, whether as a group with documentation about our Meet & Greets and exhibitions or focusing on the artistic accomplishments of individual Kentucky SDA members.  While all folks interested in working (or appreciating!) art from fiber/textile materials are invited to our quarterly get-togethers, only SDA members are able to participate in our art opportunities like exhibitions and publicity courtesy of this blog.  So – if you’re not a SDA member, please consider joining by visiting the SDA WEB SITE (click it!).

KY SDA had its first Meet & Greet this past June in Versailles.  The turnout was good for the first time, and people brought their artwork to share which was a great opportunity to see what people are up to!  Also, we had a short program and discussion about how to photograph your work very “quick and dirty”, and that led into the idea that at our next Meet & Greet (scheduled for Saturday, September 25 from 1 – 4 p.m., Versailles), we should have the program on different methods/means of display textile/fiber art (including 2D & 3D work) in different contexts – exhibitions, craft shows, etc.

Here are some photos of the afternoon:

Appreciating Laverne Zabielski's work with Arturo Sandoval and Deb Levine

Marti Plager discussing Laverne's work

Mary Nehring showing work she made in an encaustic/fiber workshop @ SDA conference

We’re very much looking forward to seeing more fiber folks at the next Meet & Greet – remember – Saturday, September 25th from 1 – 4 p.m. in Versailles.  For more information, please e-mail – we’d love to have you!

Upcoming posts will include information about individual artists (including studio tours!) and what will hopefully be the first KY SDA exhibition at the Claypool-Young Art Gallery at Morehead State University in the summer of 2011, with associated mini-conference the first Saturday of June.  Stay posted!

Your SDA area co-rep, blog editor, and artist in arms,

Jennifer (the one on the left!),

Jennifer Reis (L) & Mary Nehring (R), photo credit Dan Nehring


About KY ~ SDA

Welcome to the blog representing Kentucky's Surface Design Association chapter! We are a group of textile & fiber artists working in a variety of techniques and artforms who make, exhibit, teach and network all things of the cloth. If you are interested in joining, you first need to be a member of the international organization, Surface Design Association, and it is well worth it to join regardless if you are a student, an emerging artist, a seasoned pro, or someone who is enamored with the possibilities of working with textiles. While our quarterly meetings with associated programs dealing with art photography, presentation, and creation are open to all interested parties, to participate in exhibitions and other exciting networking opportunities including being a featured artist on the blog, you must be a SDA member. Visit the links column for access to the SDA site for more information. Your Kentucky area representatives, Jennifer A. Reis and Mary Lamb Nehring
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